Add a Little Green, Add a Little Joy



We’re starting the year by trying to eat healthier, ingest more greens. But we’re also thinking that a plate full of veggies or a power smoothie aren’t the only necessary greens in our lives. Living in Minnesota, where the winter wears on and on, it’s important to fill your house with greenery as well, visually brightening and reviving the spaces we’re surrounded by.

We experience a taste of this over the holidays, when a corner of our living rooms are brought to life by Christmas trees. The fragrant scent, the ruggedness of the needles, the rustling of the branches under the weight of lights and ornaments—we love the constant sign of life Christmas trees offer, the way they lift your spirits every time you pass by. But since we can’t keep our trees all year round, we’re dreaming up ways to fill the void they left and breathe new life into the spaces around us.

While we’re always suckers for a vase of fresh flowers, this winter we’re hoping to add some greenery to our homes that lasts a bit longer. We love the idea of a potted tree for a larger space, or a smattering of small succulents for areas with less floor space. We even recently ran across this coffee table, which has a built-in space for greenery! Whatever you have room for, we encourage your to find a plant that fits into your life {and there are plenty of low-maintenance varieties out there for those of you who don’t have a green thumb}. Because, as it turns out, not only does adding a little green to your life just make you feel more joyful, but it actually affects you on a chemical level–cognitive performance is improved when plants are added to a space! So consider that next time you re-decorate your office or accessorize the area your children do their homework.

And psychology aside, plants simply make a great decorating tool. You can have a perfectly classic and clean backdrop, as in the photo above, and the simple addition of a potted plant gives a major pop of color. Depending on the type of plant you choose and what pot you put it in, it can speak to your personality and design sensibility. Plus, plants are easy to switch out if you’d like to change the look of a space!

If you aren’t sure where to begin in your quest for greenery, we highly recommend heading to Spruce, which is a goldmine of all things flowery and green. They have a huge variety of potted plants + terrariums, on top of their stunning floral collections, and their staff is simply brilliant. They will even visit your home to get a feel for your design style, and then custom-make a sustainable plan to help you live with flowers + plants in your life on an everyday basis. And you’ll even receive an in-store discount! Spruce believes in the positive impact that flowers and plants can have on your life, and so do we!

So, what are your favorite types of greenery? We love orange trees + the Ficus for larger plants, and succulents +leafy vines for smaller spaces. How do you add greens and new life to your homes on a regular basis? In the meantime, if you need some immediate green in your life, head to the Como Zoo Conservatory this weekend, an oasis in the midst of winter! Have a wonderful weekend!