My editing expertise ranges from proofreading and copyediting to research and editorial development. Sometimes my work is as simple as fixing misplaced commas; other times it involves heavy research on a specialized subject to ensure facts are correct. But really, it all comes down to accuracy and consistency, turning something fine into something good, something good into something great.


Thirty Two Magazine

associate editor

I was a part of a small editorial team working on a start-up magazine, Thirty Two, about creativity and innovation in the Midwest. As the Associate Editor, I worked on article concepts and pitches, wrote feature stories, helped other writers shape their pieces, copyedited and proofed the whole book, and helped shape the visual and written tone of the magazine as it grew. Prior to that, I served as Thirty Two’s Publishing Assistant. In that role, I connected with bookstores to expand our stocklist, implemented social media campaigns, assisted in event planning and proofreading, and wrote shorter articles. This experience gave me first-hand experience in the entire magazine publishing process and deepened my love for storytelling, creativity, and connection. Though Thirty Two is no longer around, what it sparked in me lives on.


Megan Kaplan

research editor

I worked as a research editor for Megan Kaplan, a nationally published freelance writer, during a busy season in her workload. I did front-end research for her, gathering expert sources and providing background information and analysis on key subject-matter. Topics ranged from fashion and wellness to medical transplants. Researched articles appeared in Real Simple and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and on Self.com (here and here).


Julie Stelter

developmental editor

First-time author Julie Stelter had a book idea on her heart but wasn’t sure how to bring it to life. I assisted her with developmental editing—taking her rough drafts and ideas, sharpening the content and structure, and helping formulate it into a compelling, cohesive story. Julie published her finished book, Learning to Live Loved, in March 2017. It’s available in paperback through Amazon.


Augsburg Fortress


I copyedited manuscripts in Augsburg Fortress publishing house's sparkhouse division, specifically for the Echo36 Leader’s Guides and Student Handbooks curriculum. In editing, I adhered to the Chicago Manual of Style and their in-house styleguide for a high level of consistency and clarity.


Industrial Fabrics Association International

copy editor + content manager

For three consecutive years I completed an editing project for IFAI’s International Achievement Awards. Each year at their annual Expo, they give out awards to member companies for the best projects completed in the previous year. I edited all of the winning project descriptions for clarity, consistency and length. Once the editing portion was complete, I uploaded the copy and the corresponding photos onto the website using their CMS.

As a result of my learned expertise in IFAI’s member base and specialization, in the Fall of 2013 I was asked to stay on for another project, editing project features for the Fabric Structures Association division of the organization.