Find Your Balance 

Red Stamp, February 2014


Already this year, there’s been a lot of talk about slowing down, on finding balance between working hard + socializing and being still. The Huffington Post created a whole page, the Third Metric, focused on redefining success based on well-being, wisdom and having a positive impact on the world. The focus is sustainable success rather than success found through sleepless nights and burning out.

As part of that initiative, they’ve coined the term “JOMO” or “Joy Of Missing Out.” The idea is that it’s ok to stay at home and have an evening to yourself {more than once!}. It’s ok to have a quiet lunch where you aren’t scrolling through social media the whole time. It’s ok to say no to an invitation or social engagement. Because, in the long run, life is better spent in balance.

I think we’re all a little afraid of missing out. We like to be connected and know what’s going on around us, whether at work or in our social circles. But that desire also puts a lot of pressure on us to be plugged in at all times, to overload ourselves with appointments and run ourselves to the ground. Well, this year, consider bringing that self-pressure to a halt! No one can do everything or be all things to all people, and learning to step back now and then will lead to a healthier, happier you.

Sometimes, part of building stronger relationships is about saying no more often, so that when we do say yes, we’re fully present and invested, leading to more meaningful interactions. Because when we say yes to social engagements a little less often, we have time to recharge, to take care of ourselves, to slow down in the midst of life’s craziness.

To find a balance between pouring out and filling up, we are considering which things in life are most important to pour time and energy into–1:1 time with those most important to us. Coffee dates, parties, letter-writing, phone calls. And we plan to take the time for small pleasures, things that bring joy, so that we can fill up and have more to give to the people around us. The key is to learn and do what works for you, not your co-workers, friends, mother, or sister. Because all of us have different balances that we must strike, and it won’t look quite the same from individual to individual.

So, we’d love to hear :: how do you strike a healthy balance in your work and social life? What do you hope to work on in 2014? Is it hard for you to say no to an invitation? And will you embrace JOMO in 2014? Please share!

Red Stamp was a social correspondence company, most widely known for its mobile greeting card app, which had more than 2 million users with over 10 million cards sent. I wrote researched lifestyle articles for Red Stamp's blog for in 2013/14 to inform and engage their audience. Unfortunately Red Stamp is no longer in existence, but you can check out the other blog posts I wrote for them, below.