Fall Fashion Notes



It’s Fall Fashion Week in New York, so we have style on the brain. There has been the slightest change in weather this week, so we’re beginning to think of fall and winter looks that we can don in the coming months. The best part about this season’s styles is that they’ll make the transition into colder weather almost pleasant with the colors and shapes that are on-trend—and all these looks can be mixed and matched for a super cool, super chic look.

Dahlia Brue, owner of Idun, a stunning boutique that opened on Selby Ave. in St. Paul this summer, chatted with us about her take on this season’s trends. “I think the most unexpected trend that I saw was actually pastels, which was really interesting. [Designers are] using Fall fabrics—a lot of suede, thick wool, and tweed—but it will just be with pastels,” she says.

Boxy, mod cuts are very in, with dresses giving off 70s vibes and tops showing off shorter, structural crops. “I think that women like that shape on their bodies,” says Dahlia. “Because you can really be any shape and size and you can pull it off, which is really nice.” And when it comes to outerwear, it’s all about the cocoon coat. “I think that was big last year too, but that’s still a great look,” she added. “And then turtlenecks. I love turtlenecks this season. I saw a lot ofthat [from different designers].”

The best way to beautifully coast from Summer to Fall is by utilizing soft layers and neutrals, slowly adding in pieces that bridge the seasonal gap. Minnesota has some of the strangest seasonal transitions—sometimes we have a gorgeous, long Autumn, and sometimes we jump straight from summer to snow, and because of that many of us hate investing in clothing for the in-between weather. But with layers in a more neutral palette, you can add and take away pieces throughout the day so you’re always comfortable, and the neutrals make sure you always look pulled together because they won’t clash. Dahlia thinks a lightweight jacket is the best investment you can make for the Fall, allowing you to keep wearing your favorite T-shirt and jeans while giving you the option to throw on a coat as the evenings cool down. (That way we can extend patio season for a little longer!) That, and some killer socks. “I always feel like a good transitional piece is starting to insert socks again,” says Dahlia. “It’s the smallest thing, but I feel like that’s the start of the transition.”

But the most important piece with styles and staples is finding what works best for you, establishing a personal style and choosing timeless pieces that speak to your lifestyle and interests. Dahlia agrees: “I always say the thing with trends, which I think designers are going more towards, is a little bit of the anti-trend—just being really comfortable in what you’re in, and being able to pull off whatever you want.”

What Dahlia is most excited to wear this season? A Nomia oversized, long vest coat (“Nomia takes streetwear and makes it so elegant.”); Base Range‘s turtleneck sweatshirt (“Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so genius— cozy and super cool.”); and classic hiking boots. “Personally, I’m not a huge riding boot person, and the ankle boot always cut my leg off in a weird way,” she says. “I’m actually seeing a lot of hiking boots—the true, serious hiking boot. I feel like that may be the new boot. At least I hope so, because I have some!”

If you’re looking to insert some of these Fall trends into your wardrobe in the coming months, we suggest stopping by Idun, and some of our other favorite local boutiques—ParcBluebird, and Mille, to name a few. And you can see some local designers’ takes on these trends at Fashionopolis next week, Minneapolis-St. Paul’s very own runway event! Just because we aren’t in New York, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little Fashion Week of our own :)

Will you be at Fashionopolis next week? Find us and say hello if you’re there! What are some pieces and styles you’re most excited about wearing this Autumn? We’d love to hear!