Eagle Brook Church

Communications Specialist


Eagle Brook Church is a multi-campus evangelical church located in the Twin Cities, with an average weekend attendance of 22,000 people. I served as the Communications Specialist at Eagle Brook Church for two and a half years. In that role, I handled all things writing and editing on the communications team. From developing content for social media and email marketing campaigns to proofing printed collateral and overseeing the blog, I was responsible for implementing Eagle Brook's voice across digital and print platforms. I also worked with various teams throughout the organization to develop communication strategies that helped promote events, onboard volunteers and engage attenders.

Digital Content

For two and a half years, I wrote all of the web content for Eagle Brook’s website, developing a content strategy that was welcoming to new attenders, informative, and easy to understand. I partnered with our Digital Strategist to ensure the user experience was intuitive and navigation throughout the user journey was simple. This included editing the daily Bible Reading Plan devotional content that we sent out to thousands of attenders each day.

I co-developed the church-wide email strategy, both for all-church emails, for kids and student emails, and for campus communications. Not only did I help develop the overall strategy and rhythm, but I wrote the email content, built the emails in MailChimp and partnered with our designers to develop graphics.

I partnered with the Marketing Strategist on all social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I wrote or edited all social media posts and occasionally helped in community management.


Marketing Materials

Every Christmas and Easter that I was at Eagle Brook, I developed invitation strategies that encouraged attenders to invite others to these weekend services. These strategies were always centered around a physical invitation piece handed out on the weekend with tailored content for the event. We supplemented these cards with social and email campaigns, as well as in-person call to actions on the weekends.

For these large weekends, as well as high-invite message series throughout the year, I collaborated on my team in external marketing pieces as well, from mailers and billboards to print ads and paid ads on Facebook. Each Christmas and Easter, we had over 50,000 attenders, more than double what we have on a typical weekend.


The Eagle Brook Blog

During my time at Eagle Brook, I oversaw the Eagle Brook blog. I recruited writers, helped them develop their pieces, edited them, and partnered with our designers to develop visuals. Samples of contributions I made can be seen below.

In addition to serving as the editor of the Eagle Brook blog, I also contributed both personal blog posts and reported stories throughout my time there. I interviewed attenders and wrote their stories, and I also did a series of interviews with our local ministry partners to build awareness about what their organizations do to serve the community and how Eagle Brook attenders could serve with them.

In addition to my day-to-day and week-to-week responsibilities, I had the opportunity to work on other projects. Below are a couple special projects I worked on throughout my time at Eagle Brook that I'm especially proud of.


Eagle Brook Music


On Feb. 1, 2018, Eagle Brook Music hosted a live recording of their upcoming album, My Soul Sings Out. In order for this to be successful, we needed a full auditorium and a crowd that would participate. I developed and executed a multi-platform marketing plan to build awareness and excitement, as well as compel attenders to reserve tickets and attend the live recording. I primarily used social and email, as well as some live weekend announcements. We sold out tickets within a week of them being available and had a long waiting list—creating a full in-room experience the night-of.

As Eagle Brook Music grew into its own entity, I helped them develop a messaging strategy that got to the heart of why they exist, including web and social content in preparation for the launch of their first full-length album, My Soul Sings Out.


1 & 2 Kings Devotional

In the summer of 2018, the creative team collaborated on an expanded Bible Reading Plan of 1 & 2 Kings to accompany the weekend message series. This booklet not only included daily scripture readings, but offered historical context and timelines, additional reading suggestions, reflection questions, and other materials that helped attenders dig deeper into these books. I developed all of the content for this booklet.

The Source

In the fall of 2018, I co-wrote an episode of The Source. The Source is an educational sitcom created for kids in grades 1-5 at Eagle Brook. The Kids and Creative teams partnered to create an episode each week that teaches kids about God’s love in an engaging way.