A Kind Word, A Warm Heart

Red Stamp, November 2013


Here at Red Stamp, we believe that with a bit of empathy and awareness our small acts of kindness can have a significant, rippling impact.

Receiving kindness also spurs us on to give that kindness back to others. It softens us, makes us more aware of what others are going through and more motivated to do something to help someone else, no matter how small an act.

In fact, for both the giver and receiver of a kind act, there are actually chemical reactions shooting off in the brain that make us more happy, calm and stress-free. Compassion stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins, and decreases levels of cortisol. You can learn all about the science of kindness here.

We want to spur on world kindness with our 1,000,000 Surprise Moments campaign to really make an impact on the people around us. We encourage you to go out and surprise someone with a bit of kindness today, and share with us how you reached out or were impacted.

There are a million small ways you can touch someone’s life…

    •    Pick up a friend’s favorite coffee and surprise them at home or work with an extra treat for the day.
    •    Leave an encouraging note on the desk of a co-worker.
    •    Say thank you, and really mean it.
    •    Help an elderly gentleman or a busy mom carry their groceries out to their car.
    •    Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru.
    •    Say hello to a stranger on the bus who looks like they’ve had a hard day.

People want to know that they are seen. In these small ways, we can show people that they aren’t alone, that they’re worth a bit of kindness, and that perhaps they have a bit of kindness to offer to someone else. It’s a contagious thing, kindness is. We hope you all catch the bug!

How will you show kindness to others today? Do share! Maybe we’ll even send a little kindness back your way…