28 Acts of Love

Red Stamp, February 2014


Our *free* digital calendars for February are here, and we’re loading them up with love! Because, around these parts, we love love. We’re suckers for romantic songs and classic Nora Ephron love stories, cute cards, and all things red + heart-covered.

So, naturally, we’re *huge* fans of Valentine’s Day! This year, we want to do more than put a heart around February 14 and plan one over-the-top day of love. We are spreading special moments over the entire month, and we invite you to join us! Here’s a list of ideas to get you started, and be sure to share with us how you’re spreading the love this month! We can’t wait to do the same!

  1. Wake your love with a kiss every day in February. There is no sweeter way to start the day!

  2. Hand-write a letter to your childhood best friend, filled with your favorite memories of times together.

  3. Make a playlist of all the songs that relate to a friendship you hold dear, whether sappy + sentimental or outrageous boy-band jams, and surprise that person with a copy of the CD.

  4. Send an in-the-moment text {or Red Stamp card} letting them know why you’re thinking of them.

  5. Take your sweetie out for a museum day, and be inspired by the classic romantics. On a budget? Many museums and art galleries have a free evening each week!

  6. Look a loved one in the eye and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

  7. When going out on a dinner date, meet at the restaurant instead of at the house.

  8. Give your darling a copy of your favorite book, with a personal message inside. For an extra-personal touch, underline your favorite lines throughout the book.

  9. Go out for a Karaoke night and dedicate your song to your bestie or sweetheart. Sing your heart out!

  10. Surprise your dearest with a homemade breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes or waffles, topped with strawberries + whipped cream.

  11. Send a friend a quote, song, or photo that makes you think of them, just because.

  12. Invite your grandmother over for tea and ask her to share some childhood memories, or perhaps the story of how she and your grandfather fell in love.

  13. Show up at a friend’s door with a tub of her favorite ice cream, two spoons, and a classic chick flick for a girls night in.

  14. Hand-make Valentine’s cards for all of your favorite people. It doesn’t matter if you’re not crafty, because in this case, it’s definitely the thought that counts!

  15. Make a *sweet treat* and drop it off at your neighbor’s door, with a note saying how sweet it is to live next door to them.

  16. Make a list of ways a person in your life inspires you, and give them the list. There’s nothing more uplifting than knowing someone notices the little things about you!

  17. Share your love with matching temporary tattoos.

  18. Take your kids out for a special day full of their favorite things—food, parks, games, and movies. Make them feel extra loved + cared for.

  19. Affirm a decision a loved one was uncertain about, and offer some unsolicited encouragement + support.

  20. Buy an extra cup of joe on your way to work and give it to a co-worker. Be sure to share a few sips and conversation.

  21. Pause in the middle of the sidewalk and give an unexpected kiss to your sweetie. Because, every once in a while, life should feel like the movies.

  22. Sew a heart inside a pocket flap on one of your darling’s shirts, so your hearts are always close together.

  23. Host a dinner party and fill it with the favorite dishes of your guests.

  24. Read your favorite love story aloud to your love. Let the words linger in the air.

  25. Be your own Valentine and wear a cunning heart pin to make even the simplest outfit sweet and lovely.

  26. Send a hilarious YouTube video to a friend. Add a note with the link letting them know that, even more than hilarious videos like this, they brighten your life and leave you in stitches.

  27. Encourage someone to chase their dreams, whether it’s your husband, neighbor, child, co-worker, or a stranger on the bus. Let them know that you see their potential for doing great + beautiful things.

  28. Buy flowers. Fresh flowers—cut or potted. Every day of the month. For everyone.

So, what will you be doing this month to spread the love? Do share!